Hey guys Sorry I haven’t been posting recently! I am going to start posting again next Tuesday so I have time to get back into the swing of things(e.g. School stuff, Cheerleading and Gymnastics)

See you on Trendy Tuesday!



Stocking Fillers

Hey guys! It’s the 22nd Day of Christmas!!! Todays post has been one of the best ones to do in my opinion! Hope you like it.


I think some new slippers are a perfect gift for christmas! they make you feel all cosy!


Keyrings are really good to give to friends because it shows that you actually care.

zoella brlipgloss

Make up is a good present for all girls!


Mugs are great for having hot chocolate by the fire and just generally enjoying christmas!


Gift Cards are good because you can get them for pretty much everything, I chose a Starbucks Giftcard because Starbucks is bae!


Chocolate… because it’s necessary at christmas!


Running shoes and socks because after christmas you wanna get rid of everything you put on!

A cute outfit is what every girl needs…It’s a necessity!

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Back To School Supplys

Hey Guys! It’s Fashion Friday. So I know that it’s a bit late for this post but I just thought that people might end up buying more/new stuff. So here is my list of things that you will/would need for school!

School Bagbag 2

So in your school bag you need:

notebookYour Books, Your going to need these otherwise you are kind of going to struggle to do any work.

pencil casePencil Case, So there are lots of things you need in your pencil case:




Coloring Pens

Coloring Pencils





plannerPlanner, Depending on what school you go to you may or may not have one provided but they are really handy to have and you can get them from any shop for maximum of £5.

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So today I thought I would do a competition! The winner of the competition gets a shout-out on Instagram and The Blog! The way to win is you have to be following me on Instagram, fashion_corner_insta, and Subscribed to the blog. The winner will be chosen at random!

Good Luck


Cute Bags

Hey Guys! It’s the 17th day of CHRISTMAS!!!! It’s also Trendy Tuesday! So today I’m going to go through some of my favorite Handbags of all time.


So you can get this bag from and it’s super cute and can hold quite alot of stuff.

house of fraser

You can get this bag at House Of Fraiser and it’s super Adorable.

KC Mode

You can get this bag from and it is quite small but it has lots of little compartments.


You can get this bag from and it is really good as a school bag.


You can get this Bag at Tesco and it is super sturdy and super Cute!


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Christmas Style

Hey Guys! It is the 15th day of CHRISTMAS!!!! It’s Fashion Friday! So today I’m going to be showing you my Top 3 Christmas Styles. I hope you like it! style 3

Top- Rebeccavarity

Leggings- Rebeccavarity

Shoes- Converse

Beanie- John Lewis style 2

Top- Tesco

Jacket- Jack Wills

Jeans- Next

Shoes- M&S

Bag- Next

Necklace- Tesco

Watch- Tesco style

Top- New Look

Jeans- Oasis

Bag- New Look


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Top 3 Christmas PJ’s

Hey Guys! It’s the 10th day of CHRISTMAS!!!!! It’s Trendy Tuesday! I thought I might kick December off by Listing my Top 3 Christmas PJ’s. Hope you like them.


christmas pj 2

You can buy this Christmas PJ set off Amazon for £10.99. pjs 3

You can buy this Christmas Onesie from John Lewis for £15. pj

You can buy this Christmas PJ Set at M&S for £9.95.

That is my Christmas PJ Top 3.

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Posting Scheduall

Hey Guys! I thought I might just notify you that I am going to start doing videos on Trendy Tuesday and Fashion Friday! Everything will be posted at 4pm!